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How Sophia got into dancing

From a very young age, Sophia had dancing in her blood. Even as a five-year-old, she would come up with choreographies and proudly showcase them to her family and their acquaintances. It was already clear back then that Sophia would pursue a career in dancing.

As part of her training to become an artist, dance became a part of her curriculum starting from the fifth grade. However, that wasn't enough for Sophia. Outside of her already extensive schedule, she attended external dance classes. After completing her education, she joined the Advanced Dance Program, founded by Sonia Bartuccelli.

Since then, she has been dancing in music videos and movies, as you can currently see in the comedy film 'Die Stasikomödie,' and who knows where else we'll see her in the future."


My dance styles

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  • 2019 Advanced Dance Program 
  • 2019 Movie "Stasikomödie"
  • 2019/2020 Pre Dance program
  • 2020 music Video Purple from Lila
  • 2022 music video Toccata
  • 2022 music video "Veronika" from Solrak Santana
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