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Sophia Drgala captivated with body tension and flexibility."


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Louisa Sophia Drgala combines power, aesthetics and dancing ease and enchants her audience with a very special prop: the Chinese mast! 

A horizontally free-standing iron bar that reaches five meters in the air. Without safety and with exceptional body control, she seduces her audience with a combination of power, grace and excitement.

One moment the audience's eyes sparkle at the sight of her acrobatic, sensual figures, while the next the guests gasp.

Their performance on the Chinese pole is a total work of art, a roller coaster ride of emotions and is guaranteed to enchant you too!




Louisa Sophia Drgala is a gravity-defying master of handstand acrobatics.

This art form requires years of intense training to achieve the level of perfection she has attained.

On precarious spring supports, Sophia Drgala combines expressive handstand poses with modern acrobatic dance elements.

The trained artist excels in this acrobatic discipline to the highest degree, regularly captivating audiences worldwide. Furthermore, her heart has been devoted to modern dance for years, which is why she decided to combine her two passions, acrobatics and dance, in this performance. It creates an almost never-ending vortex of high-quality stage art."


Suitable for: Gala, variety shows, corporate events, street festivals, open-air events, presentations, trade shows, weddings

Show duration: 5 minutes Stage requirements: 5m width x 4m depth (An elevated stage is not

necessarily required depending on visibility)

Technical requirements: Music playback capability & lighting (optional)

Ceiling height: Minimum 3 meters"

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