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At the pole, Sophia presented the audience with a fascinating performance, blending powerful and dynamic tricks with breathtaking ease.

Regensburg Christmas Circus




The beautiful artist Louisa Sophia Drgala transforms the well-known art of pole dance into an artistically extraordinary performance.

With great enthusiasm, she plays with the slender metal pole and the emotions of her audience. The trained acrobat and dancer execute graceful movements with a captivating presence on the pole, showcasing acrobatic feats that leave even the strongest spectators in disbelief.

It's a delicate balance between strength and grace, a tightrope walk between elegant seduction and playful speed.

Experience pole acrobatics at the highest level and enjoy the wonderful artistry of Louisa Sophia Drgala.

Sophia Pole-Auswahl-9608.jpg

Don't hesitate.

Technical information

Pole Silouhette.png

Suitable for: Gala, Variety Shows, Corporate Events, Street Festivals, Open-Air Events, Presentations, Trade Shows, Weddings

Show Duration: 5 minutes Stage

Requirements: 3 meters in width x 3 meters in depth (An elevated stage may not be necessary depending on the visibility)

Technical Requirements: Music playback capability & lighting (optional)

Ceiling Height: Minimum 3 meters

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