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Brandheiss - Will be deleted later!

Good day, dear readers,

I can still hardly believe that I recently had my first experience as an actress on the stage of the Comödie Dresden. It was an absolutely thrilling and unforgettable moment in my life. The show in which I participated was aptly titled 'Brandheiß' (Hot Off the Press) and it not only brought me immense joy but also opened up an entirely new world for me as an artist.

From the moment I received the offer to the final performance, the entire journey was an emotional and enlightening adventure. When I received the confirmation that I would be part of this production, I was overjoyed yet nervous at the same time. While I had some prior acting experience, the feeling of being on stage in front of a live audience was completely new to me.

The weeks of intensive rehearsals were marked by memorizing lines, creating choreography, understanding, accepting, and embodying my character as Anika, and a constant pursuit of perfection. Under the professional guidance of director Oliver Geilhardt and the entire ensemble, I continued to develop and improve my acting skills. Everyone on the team supported each other, creating an incredibly positive atmosphere. It was beautiful to see how the individual characters came to life during the rehearsal period and how the story of 'Brandheiß' gradually took shape.

The day of the dress rehearsal and the premiere were perhaps some of the most exciting moments of my life. The excitement was palpable. Stage fright mixed with a deep anticipation of entertaining and touching the audience with our show. When the time came for me to take my first steps onto the stage, I felt a mixture of nervousness and excitement. But as soon as I began to inhabit my role, all doubts vanished, and I was fully present in my character.

Throughout all the performances, I felt alive, free, and confident in speaking on stage. The energy of the audience, the laughter, and the applause after successful punchlines were like balm for the soul. It was incredibly fulfilling to see the audience immerse themselves in the story and laugh and empathize with the characters.

Now that the final performances for the first part of the year are over, and the curtain has fallen on 'Brandheiß' for the time being, I look back with pride and gratitude on this wonderful experience. I have not only developed my acting skills further but also advanced my personal growth journey.




Brandheiss - Gelöscht wird später

Comödie Dresden

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